Partnership with Sodga Superadobe

After meeting a fellow domer, Permadomia left for a 6 months mission in Tunisia.

The program was to train a workers’ team to be autonomous in order to fill the gap in this rising economy.

In other words : to assist to the birth of Sodga Superadobe

To warm up we started with a week long workshop in Radhouane Tiss permacuture oasis in Oued El Khil.

We built a 3,4m dome in 7 days.

This first construction was located in Beja. The project is to host wedding and engagement ceremonies.

In only 34 days, 6 people built a 40sqm structure.

In between two constructions, we organized a week-long workshop at Corinne and Bassset place, L’ombre du palmier,  in Hajeb El Ayoun.

The idea was to build a 3m hammam with a workers team building an outside corridor.

Mission accomplished in 7 days with 5 participants and 5 workers.

It is then in the Tunisian south, near Sousse, that we went training on a big thing.

A 100sqm familial house on an empty land. No running water, no electricity.

In 5 weeks with 10 people, we reached half of completion.

The other half will be done by the owner, at his own rythm.

It is finally on Sejnane’land, in the Bizerte district that we end this trip.

This time, it’s a community project. Asked by the association of Sejnane traditionnal potter, we deigne d and started building a community center with a workshop space, a selling space and storage. Sejnane Pottery is about to be part of the UNESCO world heritage.

70sqm built in 4 domes.

This project is done in 2 phases : one in spring 2018 , the other in fall 2018

Here are the first phase pictures

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